Length Customisation

We now offer customization to the lengths of our products! Choose your correct size according to the width measurements of our body size chart and garment measurements chart. Then check to see if the length measurement of the garment is appropriate for you. If it needs adjustment then we may be able to help. Please see below for details on what items can and can't have their length customized and how to request customization for an item.

(We’re sorry but we do not offer adjustments to the width measurements of our products)

Please note that customized items take an extra 3 days to process on top of the delivery times mentioned on our website, and have a no-return policy.

We offer two types of customization to the lengths of our products:

1. We can shorten the length (and sleeves) of any item, providing there is not a design feature at the bottom that prevents it from being shortened.


Can be customized

Can't be customized

Sleeve can't be customized

Sleeve with cuffs can't be customized



2. We can also make some items with increased length (and sleeves). These are our Tailor-Made items which we manufacture according to customer order. You can identify our Tailor-Made items by the note on the product page which says: Note: This is a Made-To-Order design which we specially produce for you. It requires 3 working days before it is shipped.


Custom-Tailored note



If you would like a customized alteration then please do the following:

1. Please add the customization item to your order by clicking the Add To Bag button on this page: --

2. Leave a comment during the checkout process, mentioning the details of what you would like done. Please mention the product code(s) and name(s) as well. You will have the opportunity to leave the comment at the final Order Review stage of the checkout process, just before you place the order. You may have to scroll down to see the “Comments” box.


Checkout comments box


Important: Please refer to our Size Guide which you can find on each product page and make sure to refer to our Garment Measurement Chart inside this Size Guide to see the exact measurements of the garment itself.


Size chart links

Size charts


Watch the video and follow the instructions to take the measurements of a similar product you already own in order to confirm that you are selecting the right size and to see what customized alterations in length you will require.


Click to view video


Please note that customized items take 3 days to process, and have a no-return policy.