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Olive Wood Palestine Map Car Hanging Necklace: Arabic Inscription & Flag

Olive Wood Palestine Map Car Hanging Necklace: Arabic Inscription & Flag

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Introducing the exclusive "Olive Wood Palestine Map Car Hanging Necklace," a symbol of national pride and heritage, now available only at This handcrafted piece is a tribute to the enduring spirit of Palestine, encapsulating its flag and the name "Palestine" in elegant Arabic script, all carved from the revered olive tree wood, a material deeply rooted in Palestinian culture and history.


Each necklace is meticulously fashioned by skilled artisans, combining the organic beauty of olive wood with a unique mixture of various sands. This combination not only adds a distinctive texture and robustness to the piece but also infuses it with the essence of the Palestinian landscape.


Incredibly limited in stock, this car hanging necklace is a collector's item and a profound expression of identity. The intricate carving of the Palestinian flag and the Arabic inscription lend it a touch of authenticity and cultural reverence.


Hanging this necklace in your car isn't just an adornment; it's a statement of solidarity, a piece of art that carries with it the tales and resilience of a nation. Embrace this rare opportunity to own a piece of handcrafted Palestinian heritage, a keepsake that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.


Don't miss out on this extremely limited offering. The "Olive Wood Palestine Map Car Hanging Necklace" is more than an accessory; it's a piece of Palestine's soul, waiting to be cherished and shared.

Disclaimer : Due to the photographic lighting & different screen calibrations, the colors of the original product may slightly vary from the picture.